Biodegradable products as punnets, pots germinations cubes, and station bins made from recycled disposable coffee cups. Helps us to save disposable coffee cups from landfill and growing more plant for the planet! Our products are hand made come with different seeds, you can choose herbs, veggies, and flowers. The germinations in our #germinationscubes get ready between 3 to 5 days and are ready to transfer into the earth, the next 15 or 30 days it becomes part of the soil and helps the plants with cellulose 100% high quality "Any material can be recycled, essentially a material is recyclable if there is a production circuit that can be taken as an input and it's value perceived as an economic input"

Square Eco pot with seeds

*Only brown (Seesol)
*Seeds (you can choose your pack depending on the stock)
*Herbs: Basil (sweet-Thai-Italien)-Rosemary-Oregano-Parsley-Corianda-Thyme-Dill-Mustard
*Veggies: Capsicum-Chili-Tomato Cherry-Carrot-Chives- Rocket-Spinach-Brocolli-Silverbeet-Kale-Lettuce-Peppermint
*Flowers: Chamomile-Cornflower-Alyssum-Lobelia-sunflower-strawflower-Lavender
The Approximate period of the pot before transplanting into the soil is 1-2 months (maintain with Seasol).
Once the plant has established, it is recommended to transplant Eco-Pot as soon as possible for degrades.
How to use it?
1. Soak only the Eco-Cube in water for 1 minute.
2. Place the pot in a warm sunny spot and water once a day until the seed has germinated (help with Seasol). You can use the pot for 2 months before transplanted into the ground
3. Once the seed has sprouted and hardened, transplant Eco-cube into the ground or Eco-Pot, and ensure Eco-Cube is buried enough to be completely covered with soil or potting mix.
4. As the plant grows, the Eco-Cube degrades into the soil.
Vigorous plant growth depends on soil quality and regular watering.



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Biodegradable pots for growing plants
Help to save 25 disposable coffee cups from landfill.

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