Information for Sellers

What You Can List

All products listed in your shop must be Made In Australia.  Please see our  Terms & Conditions  for further information as to what constitutes this claim.


It is free to open a shop and list items on  You will be charged a $1.90 fee on each sale.  All fees are in Australian dollars, unless otherwise stated.


If you are registered for GST, you are responsible for listing GST charges on any Tax Invoice sent to your customers.   You are also solely responsible for any GST tax obligations you may have in this regard.  Prices listed on this website and in your store will specify GST if you select TAXABLE and Standard when listing your products. If you are NOT registered for GST, make sure you change the Tax Status to NONE.

Getting Paid – Commissions

Once a buyer has made a purchase, the sales fee will be deducted when the buyer’s payments are processed and you are sent the balance of the total sale amount (a processing fee for your commission amount will be deducted inline with the payment gateway used. These fees are the standard fees applied by the payment gateway.)  Payments to sellers generally take 2 business days to process.  You will need a PayPal account AND/OR a Stripe account to receive payments.  If you do not have a PayPal account you can set one up here  You can connect to Stripe when you are setting up your shop.  It is a secure and widely-used payment gateway with low fees.  More information on Stripe can be found here.